Star Trek
Voyager 7.7

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5177
Certificate: PG
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A ship-load of dangerous criminals and their wardens get beamed aboard Voyager as the result of a freak accident. But it soon becomes clear that the captors and their captives are not so dissimilar.

Repentance twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing who are the good guys and who are the real villains. We side first with one crew member and then another until the final switch which, unfortunately, is a little too convenient. However, along the way the episode has some real depth and emotion, albeit tempered by some stiff-necked Star Fleet protocol.

A group of dispossessed Klingons attack Voyager. But what is an 80-year-old War Bird doing so far from home. The mystery deepens when the Klingons destroy their own ship, marooning the entire crew aboard the Star Fleet vessel...

Prophecy is a story about myth and longing, Klingon singing and above all, honour. If you like Klingons it's a fine episode. If you find them dull and boorish it'll prove a chore. Oh yeah, B'Elanna may be some sort of Klingon prophet and her unborn baby a saviour. Confused? You will be.

Anthony Clark

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