Star Trek
Voyager 7.6

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5176
Certificate: PG
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Voyager gets fragmented into different time zones by an anomaly and only Chakotay seems to notice. It soon becomes clear the ship's first officer that unless the brake in time is not sealed Voyager will become stranded - trapped between its past, present and future. But how to convince a Janeway from the past that he can be trusted..?

Shattered is too much, too quickly but despite an overload of time fragments the episode bowls along fast enough to disguise the plot weaknesses. It also manages to pack in some action and a few "quests" from previous adventures.

Not clever but nonetheless good fun.


B'Elanna's pregnant and she and Tom are delighted. if a little surprised. But the mother-to-be soon starts worrying about how her child will be treated. Will her Klingon genes come to dominate the child's appearance? And if so, will the little girl get teased like her mother did?

Lineage should be unwatchable. it should be cloying schmaltz. it should be revolting sentimental. but it's not.

The episode is actually well handled with a reasonable script. And although it's not the best of the season by a long way, it's also far from being the worst which it could easily have been. Surprisingly good.

Anthony Clark