Star Trek
Voyager 7.5

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5175
Certificate: PG
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A Hirogen training facility has been attacked, or so it seems. But the truth soon becomes clear, bloodthirsty holographic prey created by the Hirogen have turned on their masters. And to make matters worse, they've fled in a ship fitted with holo-emitter. Janeway feels partly responsible as she gave the Hirogens holodeck technology in the first place but the Doctor is not so sure that the killer holograms are all they're made out to be..

Flesh and Blood: Part 1 works well for the most part but proves a little anticlimactic - the ending is clearly signposted far too early to make it truly effective.

The Doctor is right - the fleeing holograms are not all they seem. Not only have the Hirogens programmed them to feel pain, they have developed beyond their original parameters and have become sentient...

Is it right to kill them off as the Hirogens want or should they be left to develop a culture of their own? It's hard to feel for the Hirogens' point of view - they are less "fun" than Klingons, and that's saying something - but the "children of light" are also a little bland.

Janeway huffs and puffs (possibly because of her stiff neck) and a solution is found. Surprise! Okay, but the episode could have been better - more action anyone?

Anthony Clark