Star Trek
Voyager 7.4

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5174
Certificate: PG
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Aliens capture Seven, Harry and the Doctor, while back on Voyager Tuvok is coming over all "odd". Worse still, this week's bad-guy aliens hate holograms so the Doctor hides his programme in Seven's implants and accidentally takes over her body. While inside Seven the Doctor gets his first taste of food, gets sexually aroused and gets to flirt.

Body and Soul finally sees the Doctor getting into Seven's knickers while Tuvok gets so randy he shags a hologram of his wife. Yes, Voyager does sex, and rather well too. No sugar-coated moralising, no twee avoidance of "rude stuff" - all round it's a winner. Better still, it's very funny.


Harry, Seven and the Doctor (again) get caught up in a local war. But who are the good guys and who are the baddies? Is the stranded medical ship really what it seems or does its crew have something to hide? Harry thinks he can trust them but not everyone is what they seem.

Nightingale is a little flat in parts but there are twists aplenty and some halfway decent dialogue for Harry for a change. And despite the lumps the story creates plenty of atmosphere. This week's subplot is naff but apart from that it's a pretty effective episode.

Anthony Clark