Star Trek
Voyager 7.1

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5171
Certificate: PG
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Janeway is Borg, seemingly helpless at the hands of the Borg Queen. Her choice seems simple, surrender to the collective or witness the death of millions of innocent lives. But a surrender will mean more than her loss of individuality, it will also result in the destruction of the Borg dream world where drones can live out ordinary lives, free from implants.

The trouble with Voyager two-parters is that the second half of the story rarely matches the first. Unimatrix Zero - Part 2 is no exception. Although the fast pace - sometimes too fast perhaps - and some dramatic visuals help lift the action. It just seems so unlikely that Janeway would risk her crew for Unimatrix Zero, a Borg dream world. Just click your heels and say Kansas.


Seven is ill; a node that controls many of her vital functions is on the blink and without a new one she will die. Unfortunately, a replacement unit needs to be taken from a freshly dead Borg and there are none to hand (for a change).

Imperfections is another Seven episode in which she discovers what it means to be human: this week it's friendship and trust. The really disappointing aspect of the episode is that the ending is clear from almost the start which hardly helps build dramatic tension. And there's also the problem with Seven's implant itself. It's the size of a large bolt and lives in an equally large recess just under the skin above her left eye. Did Janeway have one of these last week when she was Borg? Seems like a Starfleet captain can function with one frontal lobe missing. Very poor.


Not the best of starts for the final series of Voyager.

Anthony Clark