Star Trek
Next Generation 4.6

Starring: Patrick Stewart
CIC Video
VHR 4757
Certificate: PG
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Geordi makes some changes to the Enterprise's drive systems, against the wishes of some of his staff, especially Leah Brahms. But while they argue something decides to adopt the ship as a surrogate mother.

Galaxy's Child explains why tinkering with your Warp manifold is never a good idea - it can attract the wrong sort of attention as Geordi discovers. Another 'techno-babble meets benign life force' saga, dripping with sentimentality. Oh look, the end credits!


A Starship crews kills itself in a strange, murderous frenzy. There are few clues to why but whatever triggered the deadly rage starts to affect the Enterprise crew as well.

Night Terrors offers dark things in the shadows, a growing fear of the unknown, nightmares and paranoia. and, surprise, a genuine sense of creeping fear. Night Terrors manages to balance tension and plot to create a genuinely atmospheric episode.


All the members of an away team and survey crew start to disappear. One by one they vanish until the only surviving member is Geordi. And when he starts feeling strange there seems there's little help anyone can give.

Identity Crisis tries very hard to create suspense but all too often the story runs into the sand. Kolbe, who also directed Galaxy's Child, seems to fall into all the same pitfalls and the resultant mess barely manages to get out of first gear.

Anthony Clark

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