Star Trek
The Next Generation 4.5

Starring: Patrick Stewart
CIC Video
VHR 4756
Certificate: PG
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The people on Vertax II made a pact with the Devil and in return were rewarded with 1,000 years of peace. But now Ardra's back and she wants the Enterprise as part of her dues...

Question: Where is Vertex I and are it's inhabitants as stupid as this lot? Devil's Due is mystic rubbish meets an ancient culture that creates a moral dilemma - again. It's said that the Devil gets all the best tunes - this episodes proves it ain't so.

Clues The crew of the Enterprise are knocked out by an encounter with a worm hole while investigating an M-Class planet. At first it appears that the blackout lasted only seconds but it soon becomes clear that a full day was lost. And Data, who was unaffected, seems to have taken up lying...

What has Data got to hide? And just as important, why the time anomaly? Clues works quite well for the most part although a little more pace would not have gone amiss. Entertaining.

The Malcorians are about to discover warp drive which makes them eligible to join the Federation, but before formal first contact can be made Riker, who has been studying the race up close, gets injured and unmasked as an alien.

First Contact is a story about racism (again) as two factions within the Malcorian ranks bicker about the merits of talking to aliens. One question that remains unanswered is why having warp drive allows membership to the Federation. Wouldn't it better to have a more valuable criteria, like how nice someone is? It's like picking friends for the speed of their cars.

Anthony Clark