Star Trek
The Next Generation 4.4

Starring: Patrick Stewart
CIC Video
VHR 4755
Certificate: PG
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The Loss Deanna is losing her telepathic powers and the Enterprise is falling, powerless, into a cosmic string. Are the traces of a two-dimensional race connected to the crew's mounting problems?

The Enterprise is threatened by string and a race of flat aliens while Deanna stops muttering "I sense pain". Laugh or cry missing The Loss is nothing of the sort. Dull.

In Data's Day a scientist from the Daystrom Institute comes to study Data who just so happens to be about to take on the duties of Best Man at Chief O'Brien's wedding. Data gets pre-wedding nerves...

That's it for a whole episode. Really dull.

A Cardassians ship claims to have been attacked by the Starship Phoenix whose captain in turn thinks he's been attacked by the Cardassians. Both cannot be right and a solution needs to be found soon as the Cardassians are claiming the Federation is breaching their peace treaty.

Finally, the tape offers up some tension and action with Picard doing what he does best - look stern while asking his crew for ideas. Not totally successful but nonetheless The Wounded is entertaining.

Anthony Clark