The League of Gentlemen - Series One

Certificate: 15
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Royston Vasey, an isolated hamlet in the North of England, is home to some of the countries most eccentric, darkly tragic and disturbing inhabitants. Take for example Barbara the hairy transexual with the fashion sense of Lilley Savage and a voice like Bernard Manning or Pauline the vindictive restart officer who is more interested in her pens than helping anyone find a job...

The first series of The League of Gentlemen has received huge critical acclaim and it's not hard to see why. The three talented actors play over 60 characters between them and it is a tribute to the make-up artist that it is not possible on first viewing to work out who is playing which part.

The video release of this series contains all 6 episodes on one tape but the £15.99 asking price seems a little steep when another £4 will get you the extras that come with the DVD.

If you don't own a DVD player then this will have to do until you can upgrade. It's still worth purchasing, just not as satisfying.

Darren Rea