Action Man
Volume 2: Storm Front

20th Century Fox
Certificate: PG
Available now

The second volume of Action Man features three additional episodes of the CGI animated series...

Alex Mann and his Team Xtreme are caught in the middle of a feud between media mogul Nick Masters and Temple Storm, a meteorological genius who can alter the weather at will...

Storm Front, has such an impressive array of camera angles and effects that it could easily have been designed for a theatrical release. And what a sense of humour - look out for Master's toupee flapping about in the wind.

The other two episodes. Gremlin in the Gears and Double Vision are not as good as the first episode but they are still damn fine entertainment. They kept my two sons busy for just over one hour and I know they will be returning to this volume again soon.

We need more Alex Man and his team and we need it now. This is one of the best video's I've seen this year - buy it!

Nick Smithson