Star Trek: Voyager
Vol 7.13

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
Certificate: PG
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Voyager is home, its crew grown old and grey. But not everyone made it back alive and this is preying on the mind of Admiral Janeway. If only she'd known then what she knows now things could have been very different. So why not change history? All you need is some stolen time travel technology and a bunch of friends who are prepared to break the temporal directive on a massive, and potentially cataclysmic scale. You see, Admiral Janeway is so eaten up by grief - something the contemporary character from the show never seems to exhibit - that she is prepared to alter history and risk bringing down the full ire of the Borg in the process...

Frankly, Endgame is so unconvincing that it's hard to imagine how it ever got made. Contrived hardly starts to describe the twists in the plot - this is storytelling so leaden it hardly warrants the description. If you like special effects then you'll find something here to enjoy, but for those of us who demand a cogent plot Endgame is a very frustrating 90 minutes. And as for the ending. "Phew, we made it."

What an anticlimax.

Anthony Clark

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