Star Trek: Voyager
Vol 7.12

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
Certificate: PG
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Voyager discovers a colony of Talaxians hiding in a hollow asteroid. Unfortunately, the asteroid field is being mined and the miners are happy to blow the Talaxians into fragments along with the mineral ores in the surrounding rock. Nelix rises to the challenge of saving his people and their precarious refuge but the reminder of what he's lost weighs heavy on his mind.

Homestead is a flat, pedestrian episode - a considerable achievement considering what's happening on screen. The threat from the miners is dismissed with little drama and Nelix's decision to rejoin his race is handled with an air of perfunctory dismissal. No tears, no drama, no anger or grief. You save a planetoid from destruction, safeguard its inhabitants and leave home. and all without a quickening of the pulse.


Captain Janeway starts acting oddly - she dismisses Chakotay to the morgue! Things are obviously not right but it's hard to find out what's going on when senior crew members keep changing identity. It turns out that the Doctor and Janeway are being held prisoner by a pair of alien scavengers who are using the Doctor's holomatrix to transform him into other people. If he doesn't comply Janeway will die.

It's not the most promising of plots and at times the alien menace look more like the Steptoes than evil killers but there's enough good humour in Renaissance Man to help the episode through its lean times. And it seems only fitting that the last regular episode should feature the Doctor, the show's most engaging character. Better than it should be.

Anthony Clark

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