Power Rangers
Time Force:
"Force for the future"

Fox Kids Video
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Certificate: PG
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It is the year 3000 and Ransik, the leader of a band of evil mutants, is attempting to evade a prison sentence by using a time machine. However, he is caught by a member of the elite Time force police...

Force from the Future - Part 1 starts of the Power Ranger series in the fashion it means to go on! Camp and furious this is every young child's perfect dream! It is funny, it is mean, hell this is what we wanted to watch when we were kids and the Pink Ranger is so cool it is scary!


Our Heroes are transported back to 2001 in order to capture Ransik. To defeat him they must use their DNA encoded morphers, but for some reason they don't work! When an Alex lookie-likee arrives on the scene the Ranger use him to kick start their morphers to attack Ransik and his gang...

Force from the Future - Part 2 is cheesy chod! It is so trashy it is brilliant. The acting is awful, the script is laughable, but somehow they pull it off! Every 10 year-old will be awash with excitement! This is the stuff of kid's dreams and it is worth watching for its comedic values.


When Nadira and her Cyclobots rob a bank Wes tries to prove he is will be a valuable addition to the team as the new Red Ranger...

What can we say? More cheese! More chod! More, more, more. Something to Fight For rounds off an excellent video. At just under a tenner this makes a perfect stocking filler for children from 5 to 15! Excellent! You have to buy this.

Darren Rea

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