Star Trek: Voyager
Vol 7.10

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5180
Certificate: PG
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Q returns to plague Janeway one last time - in the company of his son, also called Q - it's a continuum thing. Anyway, junior is even more annoying than Q who decides that Janeway should fulfil her godmother duties and teach the youthful omnipotent tearaway some manners.

Q2 works on the most part because the Q character is so well established. The plot, or what passes for one, is thin but that's not what this episode is all about, thankfully. This is a character piece and as such it works pretty well. Not the best Q episode but a worthy effort.

The doctor is trying his hand at writing a holo-novel. Set on a ship not so dissimilar to Voyager, the doctor's drama plays out a story of bigotry and sadism with humans as the oppressors and a hologram doctor as the hero. But will the people back on Earth believe that the work of fiction is just that or will they start to think that this is how Voyager's crew really behave?...

The central theme of Author, Author revolves around a debate over what makes someone an individual - in this instance the doctor. Is he a 'real' person or just some complex sub-routines? The argument is not fully resolved but the twist ending suggest a conclusion.

Anthony Clark

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