Star Trek: Voyager
Vol 7.8

Starring: Kate Mulgrew
CIC Video
VHR 5178
Certificate: PG
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Voyager is caught in a swirley thing - it's interior devoid of stars. But there's plenty of life in the form of other stranded ships and not all of them friendly...

The Void is a Sargasso Sea in space, and to judge by the number of new ships it sucks in - on a daily basis - the cosmos is a very busy place. So how does Janeway get her crew out? By forming an alliance with some of the other stranded crews in the hope that their combined energy reserves will be enough to blast back into reality.

The Void is dull, moralistic and so full of technobabble that the story ceases to make much sense after about 15 minutes. Dull.


The crew of Voyager are working on a factory planet unaware that they shouldn't be there. They have individual lives are apparently quite happy with their lot. It's only when Tuvoc begins to remember things that the mystery starts to be revealed. Due to a clumsy plot device Harry, the Doctor and Chakotay are safe on Voyager but the trusty triumvirate have no idea where their comrades have gone.

Workforce has an uncanny resemblance to a season four Stargate SG1 episode (Beneath the surface) - I'd be phoning up my copyright lawyer - but that aside it's a wholly unremarkable episode. But it is a two-parter so maybe the next episode will lift the pace. Until then...

Anthony Clark

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