Star Trek
Next Generation 4.7

Starring: Patrick Stewart
CIC Video
VHR 4758
Certificate: PG
Available now

Everyone's favourite neurotic, lieutenant Barclay, has a close encounter with an alien probe that in some mysterious ways seems to have triggered an explosion in his IQ. But as Barclay get smarter he starts to become a threat to the Enterprise...

Poor old Reg, during The Nth Degree one minute a stuttering fool, the next a super being. The Nth Degree plays upon all the best parts of Barclays character and the story of the loser come hero is played out with some real pathos.

Q decides that Picard needs a love life and so transports him to Sherwood forest along with crew woman Vash in an attempt at a little Robin and Marion match making. Some of the crew are dragged along as support...

If you like Q then Qpid will please, if you like men in tights you'll also be a happy person if however, you find think it's all a bit twee and contrived you'll be pushing the fast forward quicker than you can say Sheriff of Nottingham.


A Klingon passes technical details about the Enterprise to the Romulans but the finger of blame points to a traitor within the ranks of Picard's crew...

It's time for an internal enquiry in The Drum Head and before you know it you're thinking that an internal inspection would be more fun. Blood, thunder, serious expressions and a much talk of loyalty. How dull.


Lwaxana Troi calls by and falls for a passing alien who is helping the Enterprise with some solar experiments. But when his works fails and he has to go home Lwaxana feels deserted...

Half a Life is a Lwaxana episode: innuendo, dark contact lenses and plenty of ham. And despite all this and precious little real plot it somehow manages to be entertaining. Just don't expect to be intellectually stimulated.

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