Enterprise 1.10

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: PG
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A group of mysterious aliens knocks out the crew of the Enterprise and starts to strip the ship of just about everything that's not nailed down. Fortunately, the gas doesn't reach Trip who was locked in decontamination at the time of the attack. But can one man save the day and recapture all the stolen booty?...

Acquisition pits the Ferengi against a sleeping Enterprise crew to reasonable effect. Guest stars appear under heavy makeup while a handful of Earth's finest mount a counterattack that relies on the invaders' greed to succeed. So far, so good... but just because the Ferengi don't say who they are doesn't mean that continuity has been maintained. Sensor logs? Crew reports?

Obvious flaws aside, Acquisition works pretty well, and as Paramount knows, the seventeenth Rule of Acquisition is a firm banker: Comedy aliens always help video sales.


The Enterprise investigates a haunted wreck only to discover that the warnings may be true. But not all the ghostly apparitions are quite what they seem...

Oasis is a plot/script that has been done to death by Trek in one guise or other ever since day one. Strand a father and his baby daughter on a dead world and let fear and jealousy take control... add a little suspicion to the mix and there you have it: plot 7, variant 4. Just mix in a guest star and there you have it... dull stuff.

Anthony Clark

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