Enterprise 1.9

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
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Certificate: PG
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Not all Vulcans are the same, or so it seems, and when Enterprise encounters a rogue group that is intent on exploring their emotional range Archer is intrigued. But their arrival triggers some unwanted changes in T'Pol...

Do Vulcans dream? According to Fusion the answer is no. So when T'Pol starts to experiment with letting herself go the night terrors arrive on force with disastrous effect. Just why this episode is called Fusion is not clear - perhaps Confusion would have been better. Plotless Drivel might also have been an apposite choice although it would have given the game away early on.

Question: If Vulcan philosophy is so sophisticated how come it can all fall apart in 24 hours and after one dream about sex?


When the Enterprise discovers a rogue planet which seems to support life Archer and his crew decide to take a closer look. It's not every day you discover a world without a star with inhabitants. It soon becomes clear that other people are visiting the darkened world but they're not interested in sightseeing - they've come to hunt the local wildlife...

Rogue Planet starts well enough but then quickly falls apart. One minute the hunter aliens are telling Archer he's seeing things [they just can't believe he's encountered a beautiful woman in the forest], the next they're telling him about shape-shifting aliens that can look like beautiful women. And of course the shape shifters are the hunters' most prized trophy so it all goes horribly wrong for Archer when he discovers they're sentient. How can he stop the killing? As if we care.

The only redeeming moment is when Scott Bakula mixes up his props and starts doing a bio-scan with his communicator. Fortunately, he finds his Tricorder in the next scene. Day saved...

Anthony Clark

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