Enterprise 1.8

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: PG
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The Vulcan high command orders T'Pol back home but before her departure there's time for one last away mission. Unfortunately, she and Archer are kidnapped by the locals and things appear to get worse when the Vulcan-hating Andorians arrive...

Shadows of P'Jem is designed to reveal the growing friendship between Archer and T'Pol [the rope scene is especially funny about this] as well as show that the Vulcans are still trying to meddle in human affairs.

It does both of these quite effectively although the payoff - T'Pol stays on the Enterprise [surprise!] - is weak and not really that credible. But any episode with blue aliens can't be all bad.


Tucker and Reed get stranded in a shuttlepod and believing the Enterprise destroyed set about finding a route to safety while bickering about the futility of the endeavour...

Shuttlepod One is basically a two hander designed to reveal something about the Enterprise's chief engineer and munitions office. And it works. Their exchanges are by turn bitter and then friendly as their fate appears set - asphyxiation or freezing to death. Not a lot really happens but it does nothing with real style and substance.

Anthony Clark

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