Triple Cross

Starring: Christopher Plummer & Yul Brynner
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Certificate: PG
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In the Second World War British safecracker Eddie Chapman is quite prepared to work for whichever side offers him the greatest thrills - and the most money. He can either offer his services as a spy to the Nazis or remain loyal to Britain and face a lengthy jail sentence. He opts for the former. But various Nazis doubt Chapman's loyalty to their cause, and with good reason. Making contact with the British, Chapman offers to act as a double agent - for a fee, of course. But just how far is Chapman prepared to lie and scheme to help one side to win the war?...

Terence Young, the director best remembered for his James Bond films - Dr No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball - was one of Britain's most consummate orchestraters of big screen action.

He was also equally capable of handling drama and character-driven narrative. And as a result, Triple Cross is a better than average war movie. far better.

With a cast featuring Christopher Plummer, Trevor Howard and Yul Bryner it would be hard to make a bad movie. And in the hands of Young a slightly lumpy script is transformed into a solid and entertaining wartime romp.

It's not a classic but Triple Cross is a worthwhile addition to the collection of anyone serious about war films.

Anthony Clark

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