Enterprise 1.7

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: U
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Doctor Phlox starts to dictate a message to a friend back at Starfleet when the Enterprise encounters a race that is dying from an apparently unstoppable genetic weakness. But when Phlox discovers a cure he realises that helping one race of inhabitants on the planet could jeopardise another...

Dear Doctor is a slow, leisurely episode despite its apparently apocalyptic subject matter and the 'revelation' at the heart of the plot is a little lumpy. But the pace suits the semi-narrated action and helps place the doctor's moral dilemma at the centre of the story. The old adage 'less is more' proves true yet again.


The Enterprise encounters a damaged Klingon warship but plans to rescue the stricken craft goes badly wrong, stranding T'Pol, Hoshi and Reed on the lifeless hulk as it plunges into a gas giant...

Sleeping Dogs is a bit of a nothing episode. The Klingons are an unnecessary detail - it really could have been any alien - but that's not really the point. The action has been set up to show Hoshi getting her space legs and start to face up to her fears of deep space travel, which it does really quite well.

Again, it's not a classic but there's plenty here to enjoy. The crew of the Enterprise proves more interesting by the week.

Anthony Clark

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