Enterprise 1.5

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: U
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Archer and his crew go under cover to study a pre-Warp civilisation and discover a strange plague that looks like it could be caused by contamination from a technology that the planet's inhabitants have not yet invented...

Civilisation is once again plot-lite, following on from the previous two episodes' increasing reliance on characters rather than action. And although the outcome of the episode is clear - there's another visiting alien on the planet - the drama unfolds at a steady and satisfying pace.


An Earth freighter comes under attack from some Nausicaan pirates, leaving the ship's captain in a coma and an increasingly paranoid second in command looking to seek revenge for the unprovoked assault. But when the Enterprise crew discover that the freighter has a new alien passenger aboard the skirmish threatens to escalate out of control...

Fortunate Son attempts to provide some back story to humanity's early attempts at space exploration - not everything that travels at warp is a Federation starship. The conflict with the Nausicaan pirates is used to demonstrate the fragility of early intergalactic trade and put the role of the Enterprise into perspective... which it does, albeit in a rather forced way.

Not a great episode but it does manage to avoid labouring the pioneer spirit angle too much.

Anthony Clark

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