Enterprise 1.4

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
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Certificate: PG
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The chance to visit an old Vulcan monastery proves too much of a lure for Captain Archer despite warnings from T'Pol that the presence of the Enterprise will not be welcome. So it's a crash course in ancient Vulcan customs before Archer and a landing party sets off for a brief look around. Unfortunately for the crew of the Enterprise the mystic retreat has already played host to some unwelcome visitors - a party of trigger-happy Andorians who believe that the place of meditation is also the home of a sensor array that is listening in on their fleet's manoeuvres...

The Andorian Incident marks the first episode of Enterprise to demonstrate a real sense of ensemble playing - the actors and the production crew seem to have finally matured into the series. And the result is the best balanced episode of the show so far. Just why the Andorians think the Vulcan monks are hiding something is never properly explained but despite this oversight the episode works well and builds up the right level of suspicion and paranoia before revealing its twist.


The Enterprise encounters a large comet and goes to take a look while a Vulcan ship drops by - apparently spying on Archer and his crew. A conviction made all the more serious when a secret message is intercepted from T'Pol to the captain of the Vulcan cruiser...

Breaking the Ice is an episode without a plot and it's all the better for it. Happy with the cast and format, the production crew has plumped for a character-focused instalment with T'Pol and her human colleagues up close for the audience to scrutinise. There's a slight subplot about problems with the comet but the main focus of Breaking the Ice is flesh and blood.

Anthony Clark

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