Season 3 collection - part one

Starring: David Boreanaz
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
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When Angel returns from seeking solace in a monastery, he finds the gang fighting evil in his absence. Fred now becomes a regular cast member after being brought back from another dimension, Wesley continues to be the 'Giles' of the gang, and Cordelia has a stronger role than ever as she continues to hide the fact that the visions from the powers that be are slowly killing her. There is also Gunn and The Host who have larger roles this season...

Evil takes the form of Lilah from Wolfram and Hart, and there is the introduction of vampire killer Holtz who is seeking revenge on the Angelus who killed his family centuries before. Highlights include the arrival of a heavily pregnant Darla and her fighting human emotions brought on by the pregnancy, and the last episode of the box set Birthday - when Cordelia gets the choice to start her life again, and becomes a big star in her own sitcom!

In the third season of Angel, the vampire with a soul now stands alone partly thanks to the (temporary) death of his beloved Buffy, and also thanks to Buffy's move to a new network, with no crossover between the two allowed.

A gripping series, stronger than ever, even more so due to the loss of counterpart show Buffy to UPN. The cast is great and the writers create great episodes that drag you in and make you want more.

Another must buy for the Buffy collection.

Keri Allan


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