Midsomer Murders
Midsomer Rhapsody

Starring: John Nettles and Daniel Casey
Acorn Video
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: 12
Available 27 December 2005

Barnaby and Scott are responsible for uncovering the truth behind many of the strange and deadly goings on in the supposedly idyllic English County of Midsomer. Midsomer Rhapsody features retired music teacher, Arthur Leggott who wanders from the Cedars Care Home in the middle of the night. He is found murdered the next day in his soon-to-be-auctioned house. Barnaby and Scott investigate and discover a priceless musical score which was composed by Arthur's revered pupil, the late Joan Alder. In doing so they unleash a vicious rivalry among Alder's many admirers vying for posthumous ownership of her work...

Midsomer Rhapsody contains an excellent selection of murders for Barnaby and Scott to probe. The two are sent into investigate what appears to be a very complicate plot. The end result is an extremely clever story that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

A bitter family feud, long lost lovers, and umpteen people laying claim to royalties of a priceless musical score, all lead Barnaby and Scott to uncover the identity of the murderer, and also manage to unearth the true identity of the real "composer" responsible for the infamous score.

This episode sees two noteworthy appearances. June Whitfield guest stars as Peggy Alder and David Burke plays the long lost - presumed dead - John Farrow. There is also a particularly impressive "Steve McQueen" stunt involving trip wire in the woods.

The release of this episode is also incredibly well timed. The beautiful snowy winter scenes throughout this story were perfect for a winter release.

A well thought out plot which never losses its pace. There wasn't a moment where the viewer could lose interest - which is quite an achievement. Another impressive Midsomer Murder release.

Heather Simpson

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