Starring: Brad Hunt, Majandra Delfino and Mark Hamill
Mosaic Entertainment
Certificate: 15
Available 04 October 2004

In the little US town of Reeseville a man is discovered hanged after his wife has died in childbirth. The dead man's brother-in-law, the local coroner and undertaker, suspects something more sinister. The prime suspect for murder is David Meyers, the dead man's son, who has returned home after 20 years away. While the sheriff wanders around warning people, and Meyers', a convicted felon, creeps people out with his quietly threatening attitude and daring ways, Iris, the sheriff's younger sister finds herself attracted to the bad boy. She makes the mistake of telling Meyers how the sheriff beat her last boyfriend to death when he got her pregnant, but Meyers may not be the most dangerous person in the town...

Reeseville is a very basic town-hides-secret scenario, with Meyers as the stranger who stirs up the mix. In reality he does little more than lurch about trying to look dangerous.

Even the presence of Mark Hamill as Zeek the undertaker does little to lift this from the surface of planet average. The very attractive Missy Crider is the only person in the film with any sort of personality.

So many films of this ilk are cram-packed with bland characters who are only going through the motions, their motivation obviously the paycheque. Americans are seeing this sort of thing every day and they're seldom impressed, so why should we be? If you're going to film a very ordinary story, then you have to breathe some life into it.

I'm afraid that this is one of those videos you watch hoping that something will jump out, hook you and gently reel you in; so it's doubly depressing when nothing much happens.

Ty Power