Starring: Elika Eleniak and Adam Baldwin
Mosaic Entertainment
Certificate: 15
Available now

Three people thrown together by fate find themselves on a cross-country trip form LA to Texas. Emily and son Kerry are fleeing a dangerous drug dealer who thinks Kerry double crossed him and is hell bent on payback. Jayne is a hitchhiker trying to get to San Antonio and then there is Alex, the good Samaritan who picks Emily up when she is left stranded on the side of the road...

In Betrayal nobody is exactly what they seem. For example, one of these people is a ruthless mob assassin with a suitcase full of stolen money. One of them is either an undercover FBI agent or a crooked cop on the mobs payroll. And at least one of them is going to wind up dead before the day is done. Deadly Mexican stand-offs, car chases, double and triple crosses abound in this sexy, stylish crime caper that's high octane from the first twist to the last

I was a touch apprehensive when I received this for review. And after watching, my fears were realised. Whilst not the complete disaster I had originally perceived, it still is not what the blurb makes it up to be.

The plot does have plenty of twists in it. But sadly you can spot them from half a mile away. The acting is extremely weak and sadly there are no standout performances. Which is a shame, because with a few tweaks here and there this film could have been passable. As it is, it wouldn't look out of place on Channel Five's line up of new and exciting movies that are guaranteed to send you to sleep.

Definitely a film to watch with your girlfriend if you want to get an early night with her. I only just managed to make it to the end. Even Adam Baldwin can't raise the profile of this film. Maybe he is still upset about Firefly to be concentrating on his acting. It's a shame because the Blurb sounded so good.

Simon Lee