Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Starring: Brian Krause, Madchen Amick and Alice Krige
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Certificate: 18
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Charles Brady and his mother Alice aren't your average American family. They are Sleepwalkers, nomadic shape-shifting creatures with human and feline origins. Vulnerable only to the scratch of a cat, they thrive on the life-force of virginal flesh. But high school student Tanya Robertson takes on the terror of the bloodsucking creatures as they unleash an horrific campaign of murder and mutilation in their deadly quest for flesh...

When a movie's title starts with Stephen King's... or Clive Barker's... it's usually a sign that production values are rubbish and the film won't stand up on its own merits. Thankfully with Sleepwalkers that isn't the case.

While the production never really explains what Charles and his mother really are, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. We know, from the opening titles what they have done at the previous place they lived, and so an explanation is never really needed. And throughout the course of the movie their true identity is slowly revealed. But the title still remains a mystery. Where Sleepwalkers fits in to the proceedings is anyone's guess.

There are some negative points. For example Charles and Alice's incestuous relationship makes for uncomfortable viewing and a lot of the creature effects towards the end look like a bloke in a rubber suit. But the story is well paced and the acting is pretty good.

There's a good collection of well known faces in the cast. Madchen Amick, Alice Krige (Star Trek's Borg Queen) and even Ron Perlman (whose in just about every horror movie in a rubber suit but is best remembered for playing opposite Linda Hamilton in the 80's TV series Beauty and the Beast) turns up. And there are a few surprise cameo appearances including Stephen King, John Landis, Joe Dante and Clive Barker.

As horror movies go, this is pretty solid stuff. And if you suspend disbelief for the duration then you'll enjoy it.

Ray Thompson

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