Season 4 - Part II

Starring: David Boreanaz
20th Century Fox
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Taking the form more of a 24-esque show with a continual story line covering a period of a few weeks, the final half of Angel's fourth season is like a non-stop roller coaster ride that keeps getting better and better. How Season five can top this (well apart from the appearance of Spike) I just don't know...

To recap, Los Angeles has fallen into perpetual night; Angel's soul has gone walkabouts, Wesley and Gunn are fighting over Fred, and Cordelia is acting a bit weird to say the least. After the introduction of The Beast you might be wondering were this is going to go, but oh yeah - it gets sooooo much better!

Things are so bad with the Beast, its hidden master and Angelus, that Faith breaks out of jail and back into the show to help out and Willow makes a surprise visit from Buffy.

Everything suddenly gets much odder with the introduction of Jasmine a wonderful goodie/baddie who warps the world in one big way - the introduction of unconditional love for fellow man. All is not as it seems though, and slowly one by one the spell is broken for the gang - all apart from Connor.

Which brings us to the tear jerking final episode - Angel allows his son happiness but not without a price, and that's Wolfram and Hart's involvement. It ends with what's left of the gang wondering around the LA branch and deciding to make it their new base of operations, which could lead to a very interesting season five.

But we have no idea who will return, and who will no longer be with us... Cordelia? An absolute corker of a series.

Keri Allan


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