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Time Warp

Starring: Jimmy Neutron
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Time Warp collects together five episodes of the animated adventures of Jimmy Neutron.

First up is The Big Punch. To settle an argument with Cindy about the radio, Jimmy brings in an expert, Mr Thomas Edison himself! But things become a little static when Mr. Edison falls for Miss Fowl and refuses to go back to his own time!

In Granny Baby Jimmy's parents go off on a third honeymoon, leaving Granny Neutron to look after Jimmy. He sees this as the perfect opportunity to test his 'Anti-Aging Tonic' on a human subject. But the tonic works a little too well and Granny ends up as a baby.

Next up is Time is Money. Jimmy's got to have the 1,000 volume Encyclopaedia of Infinite Knowledge. But the set is too expensive. When Jimmy says aloud, 'I wish we were rich', his dad tells him how he almost made an investment that would have made the family wealthy. So Jimmy travels back in time to try to convince his father to go for the money. But the resulting alternate universe is not what Jimmy was expecting.

In Jimmy on Ice, Jimmy and his pals are desperate to escape the heat during a particularly hot day. Jimmy devises a way to cool things down - by applying sunblock with an SPF of 9000 on the sun! Oh, Retroville cools down all right. In fact, if Jimmy doesn't do something fast, there's going to be another Ice Age.

Finally, in Battle of the Bands, Jimmy invents a set of instruments that play sounds as you think them in an attempt to win the gold trophy in the school talent show, Unfortunately, instead of concentrating on their act, Jimmy, Sheen and Carl focus all of their attention on becoming rock stars... inflated egos and all.

This collection is fantastically funny. Dare I say it? But this collection is way to good for children. Don't buy it for them, buy it for you. There are some great moments (which will be lost on the kids) like Jimmy's parents conversation about what they want to get up to on their third honeymoon.

The only nitpick I could see was that while the Time Booth time machine was introduced in the first episode, it wasn't until a later episode that his friends ask him about it and it looks like Jimmy's only just invented it.

But forget my anal ramblings and pop out and buy this now.

Pete Boomer

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