Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 7 - Part I

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
20th Century Fox
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Certificate: 15
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer has probably surpassed many people's expectations as a TV series - despite having a small audience, the show and its stars have become modern pop culture icons. Last year they grew up, dealt with sex, death and addiction. As this season starts, all the characters must come to terms with their demons.

Buffy is now training Dawn, plus gets a job as a student counsellor; Xander is becoming successful as a foreman and is finding his footing in adult life; Willow learns to cope with her power; Anya struggles to get into the vengeance game again; and Spike returns, somehow insane and choosing to live in the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High.

Season Seven goes back to the roots of the show offering a lighter feel again, but still dealing with a lot of evil - actually the biggest evil Buffy's ever had to face - the First Evil. The rebuilding of the high school, the return of the Hellmouth and the reintroduction of standalone stories gives it a back to basics feel. The first 11 episodes set up what will become the seasons main story arc, with oddly scattered clues, girls being hunted and killed around the globe and the slow introduction of the potentials.

This season is steeped in the mythology of the Vampire Slayer, perhaps more than any other season. It delves into the origins of the first Slayers, the Potential Slayers and the first vampire demons.

Although the darkness that took over series six is still there, this series also shares the lighter feel the first three seasons had. Andrew, who was a wannabe baddie in season six, returns to offer great comedy relief and the suspense and awe of Buffy's final series grows so that by the time you finish this box set you'll be queuing outside the store waiting the get the final half!

Keri Allan

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