Season 4 - Part I

Starring: David Boreanaz
20th Century Fox
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Angel - Season 4 is without a doubt the best season yet. It follows on from one episode to the next, meaning that the events are roughly set over a 3-4 week period. This creates a complex, multi-layered story arc similar in style to 24 but much better as the episodes revolve around a full-on 'rain of fire' apocalypse! This season there are some good ideas - and some amazing episodes - that keep you wanting more.

It does have a more soap opera-esque feel this year which did make some fans unhappy; focusing on Connor's hate for his dad, Angel and Cordy's relationship - or lack of - plus Connor's intervention, and then there's Wesley's dark side and the ups and downs of Gunn and Fred's relationship.

The evil in this half of the series is also very good (if you catch my drift) with a big bad beast who seems to be unbeatable. As well as the overall season arc, the stories are also great in their own right, with episodes such as Awakening where Angel looses his soul, and the Resident Evil style Habeas Corpses being two of my all time favourite sci-fi episodes.

This is Angel's most dramatic and best season yet, and with series five about to begin airing in the states, its not much longer till we can get our new Angel fix. This box set is a must have for sci-fi fans!

Keri Allan


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