Starring: Jesse Bradford, Paula Garces, French Stewart & Michael Biehn
VHB 5097
Certificate: PG
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Zak Gibbs is an ordinary teenager who suddenly obtains extraordinary powers when he stumbles upon a mysterious wristwatch that can literally stop time in its tracks. To Zak, it's the gadget to impress Francesca the beautiful new foreign exchange student at school. But
a hapless scientist and his sinister boss want the timepiece back and that's when Zak and Francesca find themselves swept into a high-tech race against time...

Clockstoppers is directed by Star Trek: The Next Generation actor/director Jonathan Frakes. The most notable element of this movie is the impressive visual effects - the majority of which are similar to The Matrix 'bullet time' effects.

Other than that there isn't enough meaty goodness to keep most viewers interested for the duration. There are no outstanding performances from the main actors and the storyline isn't half as interesting as it could be.

Michael Biehn (remember him from The Terminator, Aliens and er... nothing else of note since the 80s) is brought back from obscurity to play a pretty bland villain - the part is so clichéd as to be unreal. But Biehn turns in an admirable performance with the material available.

The quote on the cover of this video, from LATV Live, is a little on the misleading side "A Back to the Future for a new generation," is what Paul Saucido thought. I'm not convinced that this is the case. Back to the Future is still as fresh today as it was back in 1985. I doubt whether Clockstoppers will age anywhere near as well.

The kids will love it, but adults may find it lacking in many areas. Average family entertainment at best.

Pete Boomer