Enterprise 1.11

Starring: Scott Bakula, Dominic Keating & Jolene Blalock
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP 13.99
Certificate: PG
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Archer and Mayweather are detained in a prison camp, designed by the inhabitants of the planet as a ghetto for the Suliban. But not all is what it seems - these Suliban are not agents of the temporal cold war, they are innocent victims of prejudice and race hatred. Archer becomes increasingly convinced that a jail break is in order...

Detained reworks the standard Trek 'race hatred' plot to reasonable effect, this time dipping into the darker recesses of European history for its trappings. But a lack of strong performances, and some very slow plotting, reduces a good, if unoriginal idea, into a long, hard slog. And worse still, we learn nothing of interest about the Suliban.


A strange, amorphous life form start to take control of the Enterprise, capturing crew members in web of tendrils that appears to be resistant to attack. And to make matters worse, its telepathic powers are slowing turning is captives into a single, entwined intelligence. Unless the crew can act quickly Archers will cease to exist as an individual...

Vox Sola should be a winner of an episode. It boasts great special effects and a plot that keeps you guessing. But somehow it never manages to deliver the killer punch, perhaps as the solution to this week's problem must be provided by Hoshi who simpers and twitches through just about every scene. This looks especially weak as she's paired with T'Pol for much of the action, a duo that really doesn't work. And the yuck happy ending is also pretty nasty.

Anthony Clark

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