Volume 3.2

Starring: David Boreanaz
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Despite the fact that Angel was put on the backburner for a while in the States, Series three has been the biggest and best yet.
After leaving Buffy, we all thought it couldn't be possible for Angel to love another, but he now has son Connor, and Cordelia is forming yet a bigger part in his life.

Relationships form a large part of the theme throughout this series and the Gunn, Fred, and Wesley love triangle has very surprising results. Cordy also has her fair share of men to deal with, and problems along the way.

Some characters get to play more of a part in this series with Lorne, Fred and the Groosalug playing strong roles and becoming part of the team.

The increasingly dark storyline which saw the characters struggling with issues of betrayal and loss, finally gives the main cast a chance to shine and prove that when it comes to acting ability they can hold their own with the best American television has to offer. Alexis Denisof absolutely excels this season in his portrayal of a tormented, guilt stricken and resentful Wesley.

As the series reaches its end it takes an even darker tone with a surprise in store for Wesley and problems get bigger when it comes to the reoccurrence of vampire hunter, and baby kidnapper Holtz, as well as Angel's fast growing son Connor.

Each series' cliff-hanger gets more and more exciting. With characters heading in all different directions - Cordy towards Heaven, Angel towards Hell, Wesley torn about Wolfram and Hart and the lovers left alone in the hotel, what could happen next?

A fantastic collection of episodes.

Keri Allan

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