Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie
(Region 1 Edition)

Starring: Dan Green, Eric Stuart and Scottie Ray
Warner Bros
RRP: $27.95
Certificate: PG
Available 16 November 2004

My monster can beat your monster! Or can it? The duels, strategies, lore and fun of the trading-card game supercharge this first-ever movie inspired by the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! games, comic books and TV series. Heroic Yugi squares off against archival Kaliba in an adventure even more dangerous when the imaginary monsters in their playing cards become ferociously real... and when an old evil enters the fray. Who will win this ultimate smackdown?...

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie is the biggest advertisement I've ever seen for a toy. Unlike other movies in a similar vein (Pokemon, Transformer and He-Man - Okay, I'm showing my age there with the last two) there is no attempt to hide the fact that they are simply promoting the card game. The whole movie revolves around the game and, just so the young viewers are under no illusions about what they should be buying, every now and then one of the cards is thrust at the camera so that they can see what they should be buying.

In fact, not only is this one big ad, it's also one large instructional video on how to play the game. Imagine a movie that revolves around two people playing Snap! and you'll have an idea how bad this movie is.

I had a serious disagreement with a 13 year-old fan of the game and movie who told me that this should easily score 9/10... but I'm afraid I couldn't justify that under any circumstances.

There is a story here, but the fact that it seems to revolve around who has the best cards is really quite appalling. If you want to watch a 90 minute advertisement for a card game then you'll love this. Otherwise stay well clear.

Nick Smithson

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