28/02/17 - Supernatural star wants Nightwing role

news pic It's only just been officially confirmed that a a live-action Nightwing movie is on the cards, yet already one actor has voiced his interest in playing the lead.

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki has revealing that he would love to play Nightwing and that he has "always wanted to".

While the production is a long way from casting, it would be interesting to see Padalecki in the role.


27/02/17 - Original Star Wars trilogy Blu-ray plans

news pic Unconfirmed reports are circulating that Disney and Lucasflim are planning to release the theatrical versions of the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray later this year.

Do you remember how cool the original Star Wars trilogy was before George Lucas went a bit crazy and decided to add in some poor looking special effects, reinsert some missing scenes and (horror of horror) have Greedo shoot first??!! Well if things go to plan it looks like this May, to coincide with the 40th Anniversary release of Star Wars, you could be revisiting your childhood memories.


24/02/17 - Nightwing movie is being planned

news pic Warner Bros. and DC is to bring us a live-action Nightwing movie in the near future.

Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie) will direct the film, which will centre on Batman's ex-Robin, Dick Grayson.

In the original DC comics, Grayson was the youngest member of the acrobat family known as the Flying Graysons. When his parents were tragically killed, Bruce Wayne adopted him, eventually trained him up to become his crime fighting partner: Robin, to Wayne's Batman.

He eventually trades in his Robin persona to become Nightwing, and leader of the Teen Titans.


23/02/17 - Peter Mayhew retires as Chewbacca

news pic Disney has sadly had to retire Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca in the Star Wars universe, due to the 72 year old actor's chronic knee and back pain.

The role will be taken up by Finnish basketball player Joonas Suotamo, who shared the role on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Mayhew's last appearance will be in this December's Star Wars: The Last Jedi.



22/02/17 - Filming commences on Han Solo film

news pic Principal photography has begun on the Han Solo spin-off movie.

The film will follow the early adventures of Han and his faithful Chewbacca. We'll also get to see their relationship with Lando Calrissian.

While the plot is being kept a closely guarded secret we do know that Woody Harrelson will play Han's mentor; Emilia Clarke will be the female lead; and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is believed to be playing a droid.


21/02/17 - The latest on that Metal Gear Solid film

news pic Way back in 2014 plans were underway to bring the video game series Metal Gear Solid to the big screen.

It's been quiet until now, and the current news is pretty hopeful.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been spending time with video game creator Video Kojima, and a script is being worked on at the moment.

In a recent interview Vogt-Roberts said: "I think that for me, I want to make the version of the movie that is most true to what it needs to be, so if that is a Deadpool or Logan route where you go with a smaller budget and you're able to make it R, great. If you need to blow it out more and really get that bigger budget and go PG-13, I think it could exist in both avenues. There are hyper-violent parts to Metal Gear but I would not necessarily call the hyper-violent part the core element of it versus like the tone and the voice and the philosophies that the characters exhibit. Those characters sort of are these walking philosophies, so I think nailing that part is far more important than thinking about the rating at this point, because right now we're just trying to get the best version of it".


20/02/17 - Gaiman's Neverwhere sequel

news pic Neil Gaiman has confirmed that his next novel will be the sequel to Neverwhere (1996).

Neverwhere originally started life as a BBC TV series and was subsequent turned into a novel.

The sequel, to be called The Seven Sisters, will revolve around the continuing adventures of Richard Mayhew, Door, Islington and the Black Friars in London Below.

In a recent interview, Gaiman said: "When Lenny Henry and I came up with the original idea for Neverwhere almost 25 years ago, what attracted us was the idea that we could talk about the homeless, talk about the dispossessed, talk about the people who fall through the cracks, and do it in a way that was exciting and fun and interesting and also relevant and might change people’s heads. Neverwhere for me was this glorious vehicle where I could talk about huge serious things and have a ridiculous amount of fun on the way. The giant wheel has turned over the last few years and looking around the work I have been doing for UNHCR for refugees, the kind of shape … London is in now, the kind of ways [it] is different to how it was 20 years ago, meant that I decided that it actually was time to do something. Now I had things I was angry about. I cared about things I wanted to put in and I'm now a solid three chapters in to a book called The Seven Sisters."

The Seven Sisters is due to be published in 2018.


17/02/17 - Gibson wanted for Suicide Squad 2

news pic Warner Bros. is currently in early negotiations to bring Mel Gibson to the director's chair for the Suicide Squad sequel.

Warner has also been looking at the possibility of hiring Daniel Espinosa.

There has been speculation that a sequel wouldn't get made, but this new report seems to suggest that Warner are very keen to move forward.

However, it's not known whether Jared Leto will reprise the role of The Joker, as it's widely been reported that he was unhappy with how his character turned out in Suicide Squad.


16/02/17 - Philip K Dick series at Amazon

news pic Ronald D. Moore is to bring us a new sci-fi anthology in the form of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.

The new series has been officially picked up for 10 episodes on Amazon Prime.

The series is set to revolve around some of the short stories of the sci-fi author, who penned around 100 short stories.


15/02/17 - Godzilla 2 to start filming in June

news pic Legendary Pictures's Godzilla: King of Monsters is scheduled to start shooting on 19 June in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael Dougherty will direct the sequel to 2014's Godzilla. The movie looks set to feature some of the classic Toho monsters such as Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah.

While the film has started casting, it's not yet known if Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe or Elizabeth Olsen will return.


14/02/17 - Bill & Ted 3 is still happening

news pic Keanu Reeves has confirmed that Bill & Ted 3 is happening and that the plot is already mapped out.

According to Reeves, the movie will follow Bill & Ted in their 50s, as both of them have married and are raising kids.

"The writers came up with a story and we're trying to make it," said Reeves. "It would be Bill and Ted in their 50s, and that just makes me laugh right there. There's a cool story. Basically, they're supposed to write a song to save the world and they haven't done that yet. So the pressure of having to save the world, their marriages are falling apart, their kids are kind of mad at them.

"But then someone comes from the future and tells them if they don't write the song it's just not the world, it's the universe. So they have to save the universe because time is breaking apart. So then elements of the past come in."


13/02/17 - Star Trek: DS9 documentary

news pic The son of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, is set to make another Trek documentary, this time focusing on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This follows on from his previous documentary, For the Love of Spock, which examined the life of his father.

What We Left Behind: Star Trek Deep Space Nine will interview the original cast, crew and fans of the show. The crowd funded documentary, which managed to raise it's target in just one day, will "take a detailed look at this historic series and consider the reasons Deep Space Nine went from a family outcast to a Star Trek mainstay. The film will also contain a "what if" segment in which the original writers brainstorm a theoretical 8th season of the show."


10/02/17 - Castlevania TV series comes to Netflix

news pic Netflix has revealed that it's working on an animated series based on the Castlevania video game franchise.

Over the years there have been several attempts at getting a film off the ground, but none have been successful.


It's believed that Michael Hirsh, owner of Frederator Studios, will produce the show, but as of yet there's no other news forthcoming from Netflix.


09/02/17 - Sony is working on a killer app movie

news pic Sony is developing a horror movie that centres around a killer app that is literally a killer app.

Titled /reddoor, the movie follows a journalist who discovers that a new mobile game he's reviewing is capable of killing the players once they enter the game world.


08/02/17 - World War Z 2 has been shelved

news pic Paramount has dropped World War Z 2 from its release schedule, prompting fans to believe that there's now little chance of a sequel ever being made.

Paramount has also pulled the plug on its Friday the 13th remake.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Entertainment were originally planning to release World War Z 2 on 09 June this year.


07/02/17 - No Blu-ray for Trek DS9/Voyager

news picFor Star Trek fans who have been patiently waiting for Blu-ray releases of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, we have some bad news... They will NEVER be released.

TrekNews recently interviewed Robert Meyer Burnett, who was responsible for the bonus features on The Next Generation and Enterprise Blu-ray sets.

It seems that the only copies of DS9 and Voyager are on poor quality NTSC video.

"A program could be shot on 35mm film," said Burnett "But instead of editing on film and then cutting negative, the original 35mm material footage would instead be scanned to videotape — at NTSC resolution, and the rest of the post-production process, editing, mixing, etc., would then be completed on tape, at a reduced cost. However, no film negative was cut, so the final product would only exist on videotape, at NTSC's greatly reduced video resolution and colour."

CBS and Paramount spent a small fortune ($12 million) restoring The Next Generation and with the decline in Blu-ray sales (with more people streaming video than buying physical products) Burnett estimates it would take about $40 million and around eight years to remaster both DS9 and Voyager - making it financially unviable.


06/02/17 - Katee Sackhoff in new sci-fi role

news picKatee Sackhoff will play the lead in the new sci-fi movie Origin Unknown.

Sackhoff will play Mackenzie "Mack" Wilson. The film is set in the future, after the first manned mission to Mars ends in a deadly crash. Mission controller Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson is summoned to assist an artificial intelligence system – A.R.T.I.

The investigation uncovers a mysterious object under the surface of Mars, leading to a discovery that could change the future of our planet as we know it.



03/02/17 - J.J. Abrams's new sci-fi project

news picJ.J. Abrams is currently working on a new supernatural / WWII movie called Overlord.

The story follows two paratroopers who are caught behind enemy lines after their plane crashes on a mission to destroy a German radio tower in a small town outside of Normandy during the D-Day invasion.

After reaching their target, the two paratroopers come to realize that besides fighting off Nazi soldiers, they also must combat against supernatural forces that are a result of a secret Nazi experiment.


02/02/17 - Nicole Kidman may be Aqua-mom

news picNicole Kidman is currently in negotiations to play Aquaman's mother in Aquaman, which will star Jason Momoa in the lead role.

The movie is being directed by James Wan and it's hoped that Kidman will play Atlanna, a member of royalty in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

Amber Heard has also been cast as Aquaman's love interest Mera, Willem Dafoe as his scientific advisor Dr. Vulko and Patrick Wilson as Aquaman's half-brother Orm, also known as the villain Ocean Master. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is also in talks to play Aquaman's arch-nemesis Black Manta.


01/02/17 - There can be only... three

news picSummit Entertainment has confirmed that its Highlander reboot will be the first part of a planned trilogy.

In a recent interview director Chad Stahelski said: "We're currently doing a bit of work on the overall plot structure. When I came on board, they were trying to reinvent the single Highlander property. We've gone since back in and we would like to really expand the world, so we consider the same shortcomings don't happen again that happened on the original project, meaning you have one great movie and four questionable follow ups. We want to develop a property that can give us, and again it's not about marketing, it's not so much about the financials, it's about how can we make a more mythological, chapter one, chapter two, what's a great way to tell this story?

" I think the TV series hit on a lot of great stuff wasn't in the feature, between the watchers and all the different types of immortals. How do we get this into a feature mode before we dribble it into the TV world? Well, let's restructure it in parts, let's look at it like it was a TV show, let's look at it like it was a high-end trilogy. How do we tell the story of the gathering the quickenings, the immortals and how do we really build this world out even more so than the original project. That's what we're restructuring right now. It's taking all the good stuff that we had before I was involved in the project from the script; redeveloping the script to give us really good chapters one, two and three; and expanding the world.

" The vision we're trying to get across and what we're trying to develop, I equate very close to Star Wars. The first one is a very satisfying ending but it does leave the door open and that's kind of how I see this. I would really like to expand it over three. I see the gathering happening over three. It's tricky don't get me wrong, that's why we're still developing it. We want to be able to tell three complete stories that all kind of fit. I think the Star Wars trilogy, at least up to The Empire Strikes Back, is a good example of how we want to process it."


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