15 November

Four-Sided Triangle - Book review

13 November

The Making of Planet of the Apes (Hardback) - Book review
Barren (Hardback) - Book review

11 November

The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine (Paperback) - Graphic Novel review
Down a Dark Hall - DVD review
Cemetery Girl: Book Three: Haunted - Graphic Novel review
Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived (Hardback) - Book review
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - Soundtrack review
Shoot at the Moon - Book review

10 November

Sherlock: The Complete Season One Manga - Graphic Novel review
The Lost Children of Planet X (Concept Album) - Music review

09 November

A Middle-Earth Traveller: Sketches from Bag End to Mordor - Book review

08 November

The Toybox - Soundtrack review
Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far: Volume Two - Audio Drama review
Starship Troopers (Folio Society Hardback) - Book review
Warriors Orochi 4 (XBox One) - Game review

07 November

Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far: Volume One - Audio Drama review
Patient Zero - DVD review
Iron Fist: Season 2 - Soundtrack review

06 November

Grip (Xbox One) - Game review

03 November

Vermintide 2: Shadows over Bögenhafen (DLC) - Xbox One Game review

02 November

The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Book review
Dead Night - DVD review

01 November

Next Gen - Soundtrack review

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