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Dear Johnny Fanboy,

In the latest and final collection in the Star Wars: Empire series [of graphic novels], The Wrong Side of the War, how is Luke Skywalker able to walk straight into the arms of the Empire without being noticed? You would think that someone who has blown up the Death Star might have a bounty on his head and would certainly be well enough known that at least one Stormtrooper would recognise him.

Even if they didn't, that doesn't explain how an old friend of his from Tatooine (who is now in the employ of the Empire) doesn't know that he is with the Rebellion. He chats with Luke about old times and never once connects him with the rebels. Surely he'd have heard that Skywalker is not in the employment of the Empire.

Debra McCaig

Johnny Fanboy replies:

Who in the Empire knows that Luke destroyed the Death Star? As there were no surviving witnesses, apart from Darth Vader, who would be left to tell the tale? Vader is hardly likely to brag that he was beaten by a young farm boy, and even so, he doesn't know who was in the Tie-Fighter that fired the fatal shot. Unless the Empire has spies in the rebel base (which is unlikely, since they can't find it) then how would they know the identity of the rebel hero?

If you don't buy that explanation (and fair enough, the Death Star might have transmitted visuals of Luke from recordings of his rescue of Princess Leia before its destruction), perhaps young Skywalker sent out "Jedi mind trick" vibes as he walked into the Empire's clutches. Something along the lines of: "I'm not a rebel you're looking for. Move along..."

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