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Dear Johnny Fanboy,

In the sci-fi series Surface, one of the heroes has a very vivid dream in which one of the sea beasts confronts him and he gets to see it in full detail. Up until this point, neither he nor the audience has had a really good look at what one of these creatures looks like out of the water and yet when he does eventually see one, in the last episode, it is just like his dream. Why is that?

Charlie Moss

Johnny Fanboy replies:

Did you fall asleep or leave the room to make a cuppa while you were watching this show? At the start of the series, the character in question, insurance salesman Rich Connelly, has a very close encounter with the creatures when one of them kills his brother while the two of them are out scuba diving. While I admit that everything is grainy and underwater and that we never really get a good look at the front of the creature, it is likely that Rich sees everything and that the image is hidden away in his subconscious, eventually coming out in his nightmare.

If you don't like that explanation, bear in mind that the show has been cancelled and was not renewed for a second season, leaving it up to the viewer to decide what happens to our heroes next. So imagine that Rich turns out to be developing clairvoyant abilities - a useful skill in the insurance business!

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