Judoon, jury and executioner

Dear Johnny Fanboy,

In the Smith and Jones episode of Doctor Who (which kicked off Series 3), the Judoon won't take action against Florence for having apparently killed the Doctor, because they think she is a human and they have no jurisdiction over humans. Why, then, did they earlier disintegrate a human being for allegedly assaulting one of their officers?

Marketa Kimbriel

Johnny Fanboy replies:

The most likely explanation is that the Judoon are permitted to pass judgement on any creature that commits an offence against them, the Judoon. Therefore they are able to carry out that summary execution for the alleged assault. The apparent murder of a member of another species (the Doctor) by an apparent human being (Florence) is another matter entirely and no concern of theirs.

Alternatively, the Doctor does state that the Judoon are stupid, so maybe they just forgot their own rules for a moment there!

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