Burst Angel busted

Dear Johnny Fanboy,

I have a couple of nit-picks regarding the recent DVD release of Burst Angel, which you may like to kick around. Both are from Volume 6 in the series.

1. After jumping ship, Meg and Jo wash up on an island. When Jo wakes up, she is naked and wrapped in a blanket. Meg is also wrapped in a blanket and their clothes are hanging up on tree branches to dry. Where did the blankets come from?

2. Later, Sei is inside the government building when she suddenly pulls a gun. How did she manage to hide a gun? Surely she would have been searched when she entered the building?

Sammy Eriko

Johnny Fanboy replies:

1. If you recall from later on in the episode, Meg goes off to buy provisions while on the island and comes back with a carrier bag full of goodies. It's easy to infer, therefore, that she went searching for civilisation earlier on and bought the blankets from the trader to which she would later return to purchase the provisions.

2. Sei is working for the government (or so they think) so why would their security think it necessary to search her? Even if they did find it necessary, Sei's dress is incredibly tight, so it might give the appearance that she is unarmed if the gun were strapped to her inside leg. Also, being female, she has two places where she could (er, how shall I put this?) conceal a weapon.

In the Doctor Who episode Bad Wolf, the naked Captain Jack Harkness manages to do this with only one such hiding place!

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