A leisurely debate

Dear Johnny Fanboy,

Please answer this at your leisure (ha ha)...

In the Doctor Who story The Leisure Hive, the Doctor and Romana comment on a recording that supposedly shows a time experiment. They realise that the experiment has been faked. However, the tape has stopped playing before they enter the room. Not only that, but all the other characters in the story also behave as though the Doctor and Romana have seen the recording.

Debbie Gill

Johnny Fanboy replies:

This plot hole can be remedied if we simply assume that the tape is on a loop and starts playing again after the end of the recording (though on mute, since we don't hear it). Rather conveniently, we cannot see what is happening on the monitor screen as the Doctor and Romana enter the room, so there's nothing to contradict this theory.

Alternatively, given the presence of Nigel Lambert as the scientist Hardin, perhaps The Leisure Hive isn't a Doctor Who story at all, but a futuristic episode of the spoof science show Look Around You!

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