He's a Derek and Dereks don't run

Dear Johnny Fanboy,

And another batch of Poltergeist: The Legacy questions for you. I think that's it for now!

1) In the episode Revelations, the team investigate strange goings-on at Rachel's old girls' school. It seems that there may be some ritualistic child abuse going on. Rachel admits that she doesn't have any memories from the school. Why does she not make more of a deal of this?

2) In the same episode, the old headmistress comments on how Rachel was one of her star pupils and then points to a picture of her at her graduation. Is she really in the habit of keeping pictures of all her top girls in her office? We see a couple of others, but what are the chances that, over the 20+ years the headmistress has been teaching, Rachel is still her top pupil?

3) Also, if Rachel was such a clever girl, why does she not make more of the fact that the headmistress looks younger than her? Assuming Rachel is in her 40s, the headmistress must be at least 60+. This is an extremely conservative estimate - the old girl is more likely 70+.

4) At the end of Bones of St Anthony, Derek takes an artefact from this adventure and (like Mr Benn) puts it in a secret room, where there seem to be numerous other souvenirs. Can Derek do this, by which I mean basically steal items that should be securely stored, and lock them in a room? If he were to become possessed, or turn evil, he'd have all the tools he needs to take over the world.

5) In The Reckoning, Nick says that he will check the front door is locked before he goes to bed. Not a very impressive security system they have in place then, is it? Also, wouldn't the butler, whom we keep seeing wandering around, have done this?

6) In the episode A Traitor Among Us Derek is on trial for incompetence. We are told numerous times that the journals (that everyone keeps) will act as his defence and prosecution. At the end of the episode, the real reason for this investigation is revealed and everything goes back to normal. Er... why? The journals quite clearly show that Derek has been incompetent. Why is he not booted out?

Liam Bowker

Johnny Fanboy replies:

1) Some people just have bad memories. Maybe Rachel doesn't fully realise that this lack of conscious memory is abnormal. After all, none of us query the fact that we cannot remember being babies. Also, some people just have bad memories. What was the question again? Who are you, and how did you get hold of my email address?

2) It could be that Rachel was exceptionally gifted. After all, she made the grade to become a member of the Legacy. Alternatively, maybe the headmistress is an obsessive flatterer and keeps photographs of all her former pupils. Whenever she sees one of them approaching through her window, she whips out the relevant photo and puts it on display!

3) Actually, Rachel does mention the fact that the headmistress hasn't aged much. Maybe the old dear uses Oil of Olay. Perhaps Rachel hasn't looked after herself so well. Or maybe there's a supernatural element to the headmistress's age and her amazing photo collection that has yet to be explored...

4) You make a valid point. If Derek were to fall prey to a malign influence, the world would be in big trouble. It would make more sense to have everything under lock and key in the main London office. However, such a policy might be considered a case of putting all your eggs in one basket and this might be exactly what the evil forces would expect. Demons and such might therefore be less likely to break into a small chapter of the Legacy. Furthermore, Derek is a competent individual and he has all his well-qualified Legacy buddies to back him up and act as checks and balances for each other. Anyway, obviously Derek won't turn bad - he's the star of the show!

5) It could be that the butler is getting a little senile (he does seem to be getting on a bit) and that Nick just wants to double-check that the door has been locked. Maybe Nick has borderline obsessive-compulsive tendencies about locking doors. Alternatively, this could be a ruse. Perhaps Nick wants an excuse to go and make himself a midnight snack, but is embarrassed, or wants to have a crafty smoke. So he pretends that he is going to lock the door so that Alex will go to bed and he can fill his face or light up!

6) Didn't I just tell you that Derek is a competent individual? It could be that the Legacy cleverly orchestrated all of those events months ago to trap the enemy in their midst. Think Season 3 of 24. It may be that all of the irregularities of which Derek is accused (and which are written in everyone's journals) are deliberate - that he was told to make the occasional slip-up so that they would be recorded by his team. That way, when the investigation is underway there is sufficient evidence to keep it going while Derek tries to work out who the real enemy is.

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