Taking no Prisoners

Dear Sci-fi-online,

I have just read with interest your review of Fall Out: The Unofficial and Totally Authorised Guide to The Prisoner [sic], and was particularly taken with the following extracts. Firstly:-

"The authors also tell us that their book isn't analytical. Really?"

No, the authors actually state that the book won't be "too analytical. Neither of us are from a media studies background and, while this undoubtedly has its place, we are writing with a popular audience in mind". To translate, this means that the book will not resemble the sort of analytical text you would get from an academic publication.


"It certainly includes great swathes of copy that appears to be just that, although on closer reading much of the analysis - which we're told doesn't exist - is really foundless opinion, so I suppose the writers are correct in a fashion."

Show me something you believe to be "foundless opinion" and we'll debate it. After all, if you believe you can make a statement like that, then you shouldn't be surprised if I then ask you to back it up.


Alan Steven
Co author: Fall Out: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to The Prisoner

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