King Without an Empire author drops us a line

Dear Sci-fi-online,

I must thank you so much for passing on my book to Charles Packer. He did such a great job on reviewing King Without an Empire. He was straight forward, honest, and professional.

I know my editor did a terrible job, but to get such honest feedback for my work is a great reward. I don't know any great editors and don't have the money to pay them, but I do know how to write a paperback, which is an irony.

Please tell Mr. Packer I am presently rewriting a revision of another manuscript and am working with a small press that I found on I have learned from my mistakes and these editors are now helping better craft another manuscript.

If it ever does make it to print, I am plan on sending it to Sci-Fi Online first and foremost. I really am so grateful and honoured that you allowed my work to be critiqued on your site.

Thanks and god bless

Paul Collins

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