An actor writes

Dear Sci-Fi Online

Being a vain actor I just googled my own name and came across your review of the movie Evil Aliens in which I play one of the leads.

I would like to thank you for your mention and praise of my work in the film. I always seem to get overlooked in this movie and it is only the "babes" who get reviewed! So... thank you! I was reviewed on an Australian program and they said that I was obviously just doing a cheap imitation of Bad Taste's Derek! I had never heard of Bad Taste or Derek and so I had to watch the DVD to see what they meant! I can assure you I didn't copy his performance but I am now trying to track down Peter Jackson and get myself a part in his next project!

For your information there is definitely going to be a directors commentary on the German release of the DVD, along with a commentary by some of the actors (me included!), and I would expect bags more extra's.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. It is great to hear that you enjoyed and appreciated my performance.

I am only spitting distance from Greenwich, so if you need any doughballs shipped out give me a call!


Jamie Honeybourne

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