A little bit of politics

Dear Sci-Fi Online

Perhaps reporters on Internet sites should also keep their political views under wraps too.

Maybe you'd prefer things under a conservative government with high levels of unemployment and high inflation - penalising the working man so the rich fat cats can keep their wealth. I don't log on to Sci-Fi Online for political commentary - obviously it's been a slow news day in the world of sci-fi.

You'd have been far better giving yourself a holiday than publishing this rubbish.

Paul Holgate

This letter is in response to the following news item:

Stewart labours the point

According to a report on Startrek.com, Patrick Stewart is vocally appealing to members of his political party, Labour, to dig deep and contribute funds to help pay for campaign equipment in the effort to "fight the Tories and build a better Britain."

However, Stewart never explained how Labour planned to build a better Britain than the one they are already responsible for.

Illustrating exactly why actors should stay out of politics, Stewart said: "It doesn't take the captain of a starship or a superhero with special powers to change the world. It takes people like you."

Stewart, patron of the Labour Supporters Network, continued: "I am proud of the beliefs we carry as Labour supporters and I am proud of our achievements - more people helped into work than ever before, record investment in our schools and hospitals, crime and antisocial behaviour falling with more community support officers serving local communities."

Stewart forgot to mention that under Labour the UK's manufacturing industries have been haemorrhaging overseas or that our farming industry is being run into the ground, but then a captain of a starship, or a superhero with special powers, probably wouldn't know about such trivial matters.

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