Response to our coverage of the leaked Who episode

Dear Sci-Fi Online

As a long time reader of your website, I felt extremely disappointed reading the Doctor Who opinion by Pete Boomer. Since this article had a "We" in the title, I am assuming his opinion is one that you all share at Sci-Fi Online. I now question whether you are a respectable service to your readers at all. The reason being, that if you were even a respectable service, the fact that you were unwilling to disclose any facts and then were more than happy to give your own biased, extremely negative, and narrow viewpoint puts your legitimacy into question.

Again, if you were respectable, you would have disclosed the fact that the leaked episode was merely a rough cut without any of the finishing touches which includes: the new music sequence, final special effects, re-editing, and pickups that are almost always are [sic] added to the final version days before final showing.

Due to the negative nature of your review, I would have been so disappointed that I would not have watched the show at all. After reading various other reviews, it is not nearly as bad as you made it out to be, and I learned the circumstances addressing the current state of the leaked copy.

All I can say is how grateful I am that there are respectable websites out there who care to inform their readers what exactly they are reviewing so as not to lead their readers astray. They even have multiple reviews in order to get a good read on the episode. Your review was an absolute waste of my time, and you should be ashamed of publishing it. At least I know exactly what you are before reading any article on your website now, and into the future. I just cannot express how let down I am, by this "junk".

Matt Landry

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