Ray Wise to play an ageing sci-fi actor in Cyxork 7

Dear Sci-Fi Online

I just read again your interview with Ray Wise. At the end he was mentioning future projects. Well, his latest film is just completed. It's called Cyxork 7. It is a black comedy about the making of a low budget sci-fi film. Ray plays the washed up action star Kommander 88 who banks on the publicity of shooting the latest sequel to the faltering Cyxork sci-fi franchise during a predicted massive earthquake.

The film is just completed and is will be taken to distributors within the next few months. So, it's not out yet. If you like to check out the website, it is: www.cyxork7.com

Take Care and thanks for your great site.

Andreas Kossak
Producer & Co-Writer Cyxork 7

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